Our Challenges

Learn about the challenges that current buildings, McKinley and Adams Elementary, face.

McKinley & Adams Elementary - Facilities Assessment Summary by Category

Adams Elementary - Built in 1939

McKinley Elementary - Built in 1939


• Replace sections of concrete pavement areas that are broken, pitted, and/or are a trip hazard

• Remove and replace concrete steps, concrete wing walls, and metal railings

• Clean and caulk expansion joint pavement cracks; both structural and/or parallel to building

• Remove and replace sections of asphalt pavement areas to improve drainage. Clean and fill

  asphalt pavement cracks and seal coat asphalt pavement areas

• Remove, replace, or mend chain link fence sections

• Correct drainage and low areas around the building to provide proper drainage away from the building.

General Building Condition – Exterior and Interior

Food Service


The following are recommendation incorporated in the report:

In 2017 Adams Elementary School had HVAC upgrades throughout the building. These upgrades include a central geothermal system provides heating and cooling to the building. The plant consists of modular water-cooled chillers and three sets of pumps to circulate water through the well, cooling, and heating loops.  A rooftop energy recovery unit provides ventilation to the fan coil units. There are a total of 30 fan coil units and 2 air handling units which distribute supply air and provide temperature control. The building energy management system is direct digital control. A backup condensing hot water boiler was added in 2019.

The following are recommendations incorporated in the report: